About Us

Welcome to simplicity

We believe in working to provide not just the best solution, but the best solution for you.

Two Things

We here at Keith Data have established our company with a culture to do two things:

1. Listen to what our client wants to build.

2. Build what our client wants.

Business & Beyond

Our company ethos is to position Keith Data as a friend of the micro, small & medium businesses.

We welcome you to build your business with us – small, big or very big.

What We Do

Way We Work



We will sit with you and listen to your request and get to understand what you want


Define & Refine

Our team will define your idea into a work plan.


Build & Deliver

Straight into the code kitchen. We build. Then we deliver your product to you! Simple.

Why Choose Us?

Because we offer comfort, professionalism and drive in working with our clients.

Our first point of action in delivering a project is ensuring that the solution is user-friendly and intuitive. This way, you are guaranteed ease of use.

Creativity shouldnt be a coincidence. In delivering the client’s product, we make a deliberate effort to put creativity into the solution.

The end result is a solution that offers function and flair.

Because business environments differ, we have already honed our work process to take into full consideration the full specifics of where you do your business. 

We build solutions with regulatory, functional and cultural conformity concerns in consideration.

Collaborate. Build. Deliver. Review. 

Rinse and repeat.

Our workflow process is designed to ensure that only the fully optimized solution is delivered to the client. Our team works with a strict adherence to quality control measures.